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Tapas Restaurants in Spain

Are You Ready for the Tapeo?

In most places in Spain you can wander from one tapas bar or tapas restaurant to another, stopping by at each joint to have a cold drink and a beautiful tapa. The Spanish verb for eating tapas is "tapear", and the trip to one or more tapas bars or restaurants to eat tapas is called a "Tapeo".

On this page you will find the names and addresses of tapas bars and tapas restaurants in Spain that you could explore on your next Tapeo!

Alicante; Tapas Barcelona; Banyoles; Calella; Cordoba; Donostia; l'Escala; Figueres; Gijón; Girona (Gerona); Granada; Logroño; Madrid; Malaga; Mallorca; Salamanca; Santander; San Sebastian; Sant Pere Pescador; Santiago de Compostela; Sevilla; Tarragona; Valencia; Vigo; Zaragoza;

Tapas Time!

In Spain, the Tapeo is a nice way to prepare yourself for lunch or dinner.

While many tapas bars and restaurants in the tourist areas of Spain will serve tapas throughout the day, there are many places which will have tapas on the counter only at particular hours, which will typically be from twelve to two in the afternoon, and between five and ten in the evening.

Bernardo Etxea Tapas Bar in San Sebastian. Tapas dishes on the bar of Tapas Restaurant Bernardo Etxea which is located in the old part of San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.   Ready for the Tapeo!

Tapas Alicante (Valencia)

If you are looking for a tapas bar or restaurant in Alicante, we have the following info for you on tapas Alicante:

• L'Arruzz, c/ Portugal 35, Alicante - (965) 122 098

• La Taberna Iberica, c/ Pedro Sebastia 7, Alicante - (965) 216 258

• Bar-Restaurante La Lonja, c/ Capitan Segarra 10, Alicante - (965) 203 433

• Lizarran Tapas Bar, La Rambla, Alicante

• Senzone Restaurant and Tapas Bar, c/ Rafeal Altamira, Alicante

• Entre Tapas y Vinos, Portal del Elche, Alicante

• Las Tinajas de Extremadura, c/ Castaños 4, Alicante - (651) 448 227

Tapas Barcelona

Restaurants and Tapas Bars to consider for your next Tapeo in Barcelona:

• Catalana Cerveseria, c/ Mallorca 236, (093) 216 0363

La Taverna Catalana, c/ Valencia 189, (069) 119 9273

Tapas Banyoles (Catalunya)

Banyoles is a nice little town located just north of Gerona in the foothills of the Pyrenees at the border of a lake named l'Estany. It is one of those comfortable places - away from the busy Costas - where the Spanish spend their vacation.

The beautiful Placa Major alone - with its authentic medieval arched arcades - would already justify a visit to Banyoles. At the boulevard along the lake there are various restaurants and bars, and many Spaniards take their evening stroll here.

There's a bike and walking route around the lake. The 5 mile round forms a perfect preparation for the Tapeo!

For eating tapas in Banyoles we have the following tapas bars and restaurants for you:

• Taberna Can Pons, Placa Major 7, (972) 572 329

• La Carpa de l'Estany, Passeig Darder 10, (972) 582 825

The terrace of Taverna Can Pons in Banyoles. Taberna Can Pons in Banyoles (Catalunya, summer 2010)

Tapas Calella (Catalunya, Costa Brava)

Right now we have the following information for you on tapas bars and restaurants in Calella:

• Bar Gasolinera, c/ Sant Jaume 94, Calella - (93) 766 1939

• Café Bar Top, Plaza Espanya 57, Calella

• Tapas Bar l'Universal, c/ Jovara 29, Calella - (93) 766 0041

Tapas Cordoba (Andalucía)

Looking for a tapas bar or restaurant in Cordoba? For now we have the following info for tapas Cordoba:

• Casa Pepe, Calle del Romero 1, (957) 200 744

• Dehesa Manolete, Avenida Manolete 18, (957) 451 774

Tapas l'Escala (Catalunya)

l'Escala is an old fishing harbour at the northern edge of the Bay of Roses, at the Costa Brava, rather close to the big campgrounds of Sant Pere Pescador.

It is one of those places of which the touristic value is hopelessly overestimated. At the seaside, which used to harbour an interesting fishing industry, there are now only souvenir shops sellings all kinds of knick knacks that one doesn't need, and a bunch of restaurants which mostly have hamburgers and bratwurst on the menu, and all that crowded by people interested in things one doesn't need and who came to Spain to eat hamburgers and bratwurst...

You get the picture? A place you actually might try to avoid...

However, if you have been dragged into this place by your travelling companions, no need for despair, there is hope! The thing is that the inside of the village of l'Escala is populated by real people, ordinary Spaniards, who like to dance the Sardana, and who like to go for a drink in the local watering hole. With a nice little tapa, of course!

If you are looking for tapas bars or restaurants in l'Escala, we can report as follows:

El Yate, c/ La Torre 59, (972) 77 49 93

      (Juan serves fantastic tapas, try the mussels!)

• Bar Sol i Lluna, c/ Avi Xaxu 8, (972) 77 12 10

• Una Altra Cosa, c/ La Torre 60, (972) 77 38 95 (wifi available!)

Tapasbar El Yate in l'Escala. Tapasbar El Yate in l'Escala (Catalunya, summer 2010)

Tapas Figueres (Catalunya)

Figueres is the first Spanish town that you will pass when you are driving into Spain from Perpignan. If you are staying at the Costa Brava along the Bay of Roses (!), for example in EmpuriaBrava, Sant Pere Pescador or L'Escala, Figueres is not more than fifteen to twenty minutes driving.

While Figueres is most famous for the Salvador Dali museum, which attracts the most visitors of all museums in Spain after the Prado in Madrid and the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Figueres also has a very nice old town quarters, situated just north of the beautiful Rambla. Around the Rambla and in the old quarters you will be able to find quite a few good tapas bars and restaurants.

For tapas in Figueres we have the following tapasbars and restaurants for you:

• La Borratxeria, c/ Jonquera 11, (972) 503 566

• BF Sundays, Rambla 16

• Can Vi Ranci, c/ Caamaño 18, (972) 502 161

Tapas Gijón (Asturias)

We have collected the following information for you about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in Gijon:

• Cañas y Tapas, c/ Corrida 5, Gijón - (985) 342 039

• El Manzanu, Garcilaso de la Vega 39, Gijon - (985) 36 04 75

• Ven de Tapas y Vinos, c/ Ceán Bermúdez 3, Gijon - (984) 190 348

• Vinos y Tapas, c/ Ezcurdia 160, Gijon - (985) 361 791

• Bar Xareu, Aquilino Hurle 34, Gijón

Tapas Girona (Catalunya)

The Catalonian town of Girona (in Spanish: Gerona) has a marvelous and very impressive old town and is not being worn out so bad by tourists like Barcelona is. Throughout town you will find many tapas bars and restaurants.

If you want to eat tapas in Girona you might consider the following restaurants and bars:

• L'Arcada, Rambla de la Llibertad 38, (972) 21 22 77

• Sant Daniel, c/ Cristofol Grober 1, (972) 201 485

• Zanpanzar (Euskal Taberna), c/ Cort Reial 10, (972) 21 28 43

Tapas Granada (Andalucía)

If you are looking for a tapas bar or restaurant in Granada, for now we have the following info for you on tapas Granada:

• Antigua Castaneda, c/ Elvira, Granada - (958) 226 362

• Bodega La Antigualla, c/ Elvira 2, Granada

• Bodegas Castañeda, c/ Almireceros, Granada - (958) 226 362

• Bodegas Espadafor, c/ Darro, Granada

• La Higuera, c/ Horno de Hoyo, Granada - (958) 275 156

• Rabo de Nube, Paseo de los Tristes 1, Granada - (958) 220 421

• La Riviera, c/ Cetti Meriem 7, Granada - (958) 227 969

• Bar Sabanilla, c/ San Sebastián 14, Granada - (659) 118 583

• Al Sur de Granada, c/ Elvira 150, Granada - (958) 270 245

• El Yunque, pl San Miguel Bajo 3, Granada - (958) 800 090

Tapas Logroño (Rioja)

Who wouldn't want to eat tapas in Logroño? For your next tapeo we have the following information about tapas bars and restaurants in Logroño:

• La Anjana, c/ San Augustín, 8, Logroño - (941) 287 909

• Blanco y Negro, Travesia Laurel 1, Logroño - (941) 220 079

• Delirios del Quijote, c/ Marqués de Murrieta 5, Logroño - (941) 205 618

• La Taberna del Laurel, c/ Laurel 7, Logroño - (0941) 220 143

• Lorenzo, c/ San Augustín 14, Logroño - (941) 210 146

• Bodeguilla Los Rotos, c/ San Augustín 8, Logroño - (941) 502 664

• Vinissimo, c/ San Juan 23, Logroño - (941) 258 828

Tapas Madrid   (Comunidad de Madrid)

Tapasbars and restaurants for your next Tapeo in Madrid:

• Casa Alberto, c/ Huertas 18, Madrid - (091) 429 9356

• La Bardemcilla, Augusto Figueroa 47, Madrid - (091) 521 4256

• El Bocaíto, Libertad 4-6, Madrid - (91) 532 1219

• Cerveceria Santa Barbara, Plaza Goya 70, Madrid - (091) 3190 4049

Tapas Malaga (Andalucía)

Want to eat tapas in Malaga? We have the following info for you on tapas bars and restaurants for your tapeo in Malaga:

• Ajo Blanco, Plaza de Uncibay 8, Malaga - (095) 265 2526

• Bodega La Andaluza, Plaza de San Ignacio, Malaga - (095) 222 2233

• Café Central, Plaza Constitución 11, Malaga - (095) 222 4972

• Taperia Siglo XXI, Plaza de la Marced 12, Malaga

• Tapamania, c/ José Ribera 20, Malaga - (095) 193 1285

• La Taperia, Granada 60, Malaga - (095) 260 3429

• El Trillo, c/ Esparteros 8, Malaga - (095) 222 3135

Tapas Mallorca   (Islas Baleares)

Tapas bars and restaurants for you to discover on the sunny island of Mallorca:

Palma de Mallorca

• Bona Taula Restaurante Arroceria, c/ Ruben Dareo 4, Palma - (871) 964 390

• Tapa's, Molinar, Capitan Ramonell Boix 103, Palma - (971) 240 778

• Tarpas, Tartas y Tapas, Costa y Llobera 20, Palma - (971) 465 612


• Bar C'an Miquel, c/ de l'Almoina 2, Porreres - (971) 647 008

Cala d'Or

• Restaurante Tapas y Mas, c/ S'Espalmad'or 20, Cala d'Or - (971) 657 654

Santa Maria del Cami

• Bar Can Beia, Oleza, 4, Santa Maria del Cami - (971) 620 070

Tapas Salamanca (Salamanca)

For now we have the following information for you about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in Salamanca:

• Los Escudos 1, Plaza Mayor 3, Salamanca - (0923) 219 060

• Abadia Plaza, Plaza Mayor 40, Salamanca - (0923) 215 401

• Valencia, Consejo 15 (interior), Salamanca - (0923) 217 868

• Asi Es Mi Tierra, Calle Sarasate 7, Salamanca - (0923) 238 404

• Taberna Charra, Calle Rosario 9, Salamanca - (0923) 269 983

• El Corrillo, Calle de Meléndez 18, Salamanca - (0923) 271 917

• Jara, C/ Isidro Segovia 1, Salamanca - (0923) 239 305

• Bar Tenderete, Calle del Conde Cabarrus 2, Salamanca - (0923) 232 843

• Bar de Tapas Tevere, C/ Van Dyck 38-40, Salamanca - (0646) 371 075

Tapas Santander (Cantabria)

Santander is a nice harbourtown on the north coast of Spain in de province of Cantabria.

We have collected the following information for you about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in Santander:

• Casa Ajero, Daoiz y Velarde 18, Santander

• La Cátedra Tapas y Pinchos, c/ del Medio 5, Santander - (942) 760 126

• Casa Lita, Paseo Pereda 37, Santander

• Dehesa Santa Maria, Casimiro Sainz 8, Santander

• La Bodega del Riojano, c/ Del Río de la Pila 5, Santander

• Tempo, Menendez Pelayo 5b, Santander

Tapas San Sebastian - Donostia (Basque Country)

Donostia, generally known as San Sebastian, is known as the tapas capital of the world, and for good reasons. The town is just one big tapas party!

For now we have the following info for tapas bars and restaurants in San Sebastian:

• Casa Bartolo, Fermín Calbetón 38, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• Bernardo Etxea, c/ Puerto 7, Donostia (Parte Vieja) - (094) 342 2056

• Borda Berri, Fermín Calbetón 12, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• Danena Taberna, De Embeltrán 8, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• Eibartarra, Fermin Calbeton 24, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• Bar Etxaniz, Fermin Calbeton 24, Donostia (Parte Vieja) - (094) 342 6259

• Ganbara Jatetxea, San Jerónimo, 21, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• La Mejillonera, c/ Puerto 15, Donostia (Parte Vieja)

• Bar Sport, Fermin Calbeton 10, Donostia (Parte Vieja) - (094) 342 6888

Tapas Sant Pere Pescador (Catalunya)

Sant Pere Pescador is a village at the Bay of Roses. It is nothing special and as a village it has not really much to offer to the average tourist, if it wasn't for the fact that at less than half a mile there is a unique and fantastic six miles long sunny and wide sandy beach. On top of all that, water and wind circumstances are absolutely ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Along that beautiful beach there are like six large campgrounds of the highest standards which make for a pleasant stay from April through October.

For tapas in Sant Pere Pescador we recommend that you take your bicycle and make a nice tour, starting your tapeo at the beach, and gradually working your way inland as follows:

Marlin Beach Bar, at the beach just south of Camping Aquarius

• Bodega Mas Guso, from Aquarius 1km inland (on the road SPP-l'Escala)

• El Caliu (Antiga Casa Pinell), c/ Girona 12, SPP, (972) 52 05 63

• Bon Punt, c/ Del Carmen 8, SPP, (972) 520 044

• Yofran, c. Del Carmen 9, SPP, (605) 154 787

Tapas Croquetas served at the Marlin Beach Bar at Camping Aquarius in Sant Pere Pescador. Tapas Croquetas served at the Marlin Beach Bar at Camping Aquarius in Sant Pere Pescador (Catalunya, summer 2010)

Tapas Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)

Right now we have gathered the following info for you about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in lovely Santiago de Compostela:

• Casa Rosalía Vinos y Tapas, Rúa do Franco 10 - (0981) 568 441

• El Gato Negro, Rua Raíña - (0981) 583 105

• El Santiagues Cafe Bar, Plaza de la Quintana 1 - (0679) 346 751

• Restaurante Central, Rua Raíña 15 - (0981) 583 664

Tapas Sevilla (Andalucía)

Are you looking for a tapas bar or restaurant in Sevilla? There are plenty! For now we have the following info for you about tapas Sevilla:

• Bar Europa, c/ Siete Revuelta 35, (954) 221 354

• Sierra Mayor, c/ Joachin Guichot 5, (954) 561 210

Tapas Tarragona (Catalunya)

A few tapas bars and restaurants for your Tapeo in Tarragona:

• Bodega La Andaluza, Placa de la Font 47, Tarragona - (902) 361 732

• Negresco, c/ Fortuny 7, Tarragona - (977) 239 832

• Txantxangorri, Placa de la Font 16, Tarragona - (977) 230 062

Tapas Valencia (Valencia)

For now we have the following information for you about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in Valencia:

• Casa Jomi, Castillo de Pop 13, Valencia - (0963) 671 414

• Casa Guillermo, c/ José Benlliure 26, Valencia - (0963) 673 825

• La Casa del Tapeo, c/ Jesús 95, Valencia - (0963) 805 824

• Escalones de la Lonja, c/ Pere Compte, Valencia - (0963) 923 888

• Jamón Jamón, Bolseria 36, Valencia - (0963) 925 877

• Cerveceria Bar Villaplana, Dr. Sanchis Sivera 24, Valencia - (0963) 850 613

Tapas Vigo (Galicia)

For now we have the following info for eating tapas in Vigo:

• Bodega La Andaluza Vigo, Calle de Montero Ríos 34, Vigo - (0986) 113 005

• Beer Station, es/ Montero Rios 18, Vigo - (0986) 113 567

• La Campiña, c/ Florida 127, Vigo - (0986) 235 146

La Porchaba, Calle Rosalia de Castro, Vigo

• Cervezateca Tranvia, c/ Alfonso X "el Sabio" 2, Vigo - (0986) 138 924

Anthea About Tapas in Vigo

"If you ever make it to Vigo, you must visit a bar called La Porchaba (it gets fairly frequent mention in my AVJ blog) on Calle Rosalia de Castro. I think it's run by Basques and it certainly has a Basque style range of tapas. If you go at the right time of the evening you get free ones as well.

In fact many bars around here give free tapas with the evening drink, a custom that seems to have died out on many parts of Spain. There's a very friendly bar round the corner from the chess club where my husband goes to get thrashed by the local chess wizard. On many an evening we stop for a beer on the way home and receive such copious tapas that we don't need any supper when we get in..."

Tapas Zaragoza (Aragon)

For now we have the following info about tapas restaurants and tapas bars in Zaragoza:

• Bar Axpe, Juana de Ibarbourou 13, Zaragoza - (976) 414 970

• La Papa Arrugá, c/ Tomás Bretón 22, Zaragoza - (976) 568 441

• Los Victorinos, c/ José de la Hera 6, Zaragoza - (976) 394 213

        Enjoy your Tapas!

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